New Generation 10,100, 700 series, GPS and OEM board

Xsens°¶ products are small, low-cost and highly accurate 3D motion measurement units. These specific qualities enable applications such as control, stabilization and navigation of small (unmanned) vehicles, and totally new applications such as inertial full-body human motion capturing (for camera-less character animation, VR training and simulation, sports and health). Xsens is specialized in state-of-the-art miniature MEMS inertial sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope), aiding technologies (GPS/GNSS, vision, magnetic field sensors) and proprietary °•sensor fusion°¶ software algorithms.

The 4th Generation MTi 10, 20 and 30 Series gives the systems integrator 3 different integration levels - IMU, VRU or AHRS.  Series 10 (IMU), 20 (VRU) , 30 (AHRS) all have a gyro bias stability of 18 deg/hr.

The 100 series feature a gyro bias stability of 10 deg/hr.  Likewise, the model designation follows that of the 10 series with the 100 being an IMU, 200 a VRU and 300 a AHRS.  The flagship model is the MTi-G 700 GPS, designation an addition GPS sensor as an enhancement to the AHRS.

MTi-G 700 Featuring an internal L1 receiver:   

All 4th Generation MTi features:

Industry proven XKF3 kalman filter.

A new aluminium anodised housing that protects internal components against damage as well as an IP67 rating against the elements.

Rugged 9Pin waterproof connectors that stands up in vibrating environments.

Special alignment studs for easy mounting and alignment.


Specifications and Integration:

10 Series:

100 Series:


SDK for ease in development:

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