AETEK UV Curing System for Web Printing - WebFlex

For In-Line Web Press Applications

With more than 35 years experience in building UV curing equipment, Aetek UV Systems has designed the WebFlex UV system to meet the needs of "cool UV" for interstation and end-of-press installations on high-speed web offset and flexo presses. Applications include the curing of UV inks, clear coatings, adhesives and silicone-release coatings.

WebFlex UV System Features:

The WebFlex lamp module is compact and provides cool, fast and efficient curing on paper, films and folding carton stock, permitting heat-sensitive materials to be run without heat damage. Interstation dry trapping of the ink provides precise process control at full production speeds. The lamps can be installed on a new press or retrofitted to an existing press when converting to UV. System features include water-cooled elliptical shutters, replaceable dichroic or standard reflector liners for heat minimization and optimum performance, and quick disconnect utilities for ease of cleaning, maintenance, and lamp replacement. The lamp modules are interchangeable and can be easily moved between print stations.


Mounting Arrangements
Lamp mounting base styles include clamshell, pedestal lifts, track slides, front-to-back slides and lamp rotating mechanisms. Lamps can also be mounted over chill plates, chill rollers and conveyors.

The WebFlex is available for web widths ranging from 20" (50 cm) to 72" (1.8 meters).

Power Supply Modules
All lamps are powered by a variable-output power supply which provides 25%-100% of full power. Multiple-lamp systems are integrated into a central power cabinet, which can be positioned behind or above the press. Standard WebFlex maximum power level is 500 W/inch (200 W/cm), plus a standby mode. Lamp power levels ramp up or down automatically with the speed of the press.

Electrical Specifications
208 - 480 VAC, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz with CE certification.

WebFlex lamp modules are water-cooled through a central temperature-control/recirculating unit with a water-to-water heat exchanger supplied with the system. Chilled water for heat exchanging is supplied from the end-user's central plant chiller. Variable-speed exhaust blowers provide a small volume of air for lamp cooling and ozone extraction.

Controls and Operator Interface
A full-color TSI touch-screen displays the system status, while the controller monitors the safety interlocks, lamp power levels and shutter positions. System operation and press interfacing are provided via PLC controls. All multiplelamp-systems include a telephone modem for remote diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Safety and Reliability
All systems are fully interlocked and designed to ensure the highest level of operator safety and years of reliable operation. All are fully assembled and tested before leaving the factory.

24-Hour Hotline Customer Support
A 24-hour hotline connects the customer with fully trained personnel to talk through problems ¡Xand field service technicians are available worldwide.

Custom Engineering and Project Teams
Our experienced project teams and custom service technicians are available to help with special operating situations or for custom-engineered products.

Ink mist hoods for containment on high-speed presses.



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