AETEK UV Curing System for Web Printing - UVXL

The UVXL air-cooled arc lamp UV curing system is truly universal and combines more than 35 years of Aetek UV experience in supplying proven systems and reliable technology for a wide variety of industries and applications. Both custom and standard systems are available to allow UV curing of inks, coatings and varnishes to enhance the appearance and impart unique properties to the finished product.

The UVXL system uses medium-pressure, mercury arc lamps. The outer housing, reflector support and shutters are specially designed aluminum extrusions that provide maximum strength and cooling efficiency, while being lightweight and easy to handle for maintenance. The reflector has an inner liner that is easily replaced to maintain curing at peak efficiency. Systems can be supplied for new narrow- or wide-web presses through the OEM or as a retrofit on existing machines. UVXL can be installed where space on the machine is limited.


Curing Applications
UV inks, varnishes, laminating adhesives and coatings on paper, metal, films, foils and wood products.

Lamp Module
The arc lamp cassette module removes easily for quick access and service. Lamp power, control and pneumatics are provided through utility connections on the housing for simple installation and disconnection. Depending on lamp legnth, optional additive lamps can be supplied to provide increased cure capability for heavy ink laydowns. Using special base configurations, the outer lamp housing can be lifted for access and web threading.

Lamp lengths are available in sizes from 6" to 80" (15 to 203 cm).

Power Supply Selection
Electronic, variable power or tri-level constant wattage ballast power supplies are available, depending on application.

The UVXL shuttered lamp assembly is totally air-cooled using a variable frequency drive (VFD) exhaust blower. The (VFD) controls vary the blower motor speed based on line speed and optional thermocouple signals to provide accurate and efficient cooling levels.

Controls and Operator Interface
Optional touch-screen or keypad controls provide for easy changes to the lamp operating and set-up parameters and facilitate the operator-to-equipment interface.

Safety and Reliability
All systems are fully interlocked and designed to ensure the highest level of operator safety and years of reliable operation and are fully assembled and tested before leaving the factory.

Telephone Modem Diagnostics
>All Aetek UV multi-lamp modules (two or more UV curing modules) destined for installation outside North America are equipped with a telephone modem to permit immediate access to the UV system controls for remote diagnosis and troubleshooting activities. All larger, multi-lamp, UV curing system installations destined for North America will also include this capability, which is offered as an economically priced option on smaller systems.

Training Program
>Aetek UV Systems offers a full in-house or on-site customer training program to educate and familiarize safe operation of its equipment.

24-Hour Hotline Customer Support
Aetek UV Systems provides a 24-hour customer support hotline with fully trained personnel to solve problems and provide field service technicians worldwide.


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