AETEK UV Curing System for Web Printing - FlexPak

Model FlexPak and Model Combination FlexPak

Designed to meet the needs of the many owners of Mark Andy 2200 presses, the Aetek UV FlexPak and Combination FlexPak allow conversion to arc lamp UV curing without major modification to the press. No need for cutting into side frames or installation of extended side rails. This innovative design concept was developed with the cooperation of Mark Andy and has a U.S. patent pending.

The compact FlexPak is also suitable for a wide variety of presses where space is at a premium. The two FlexPak models provide fast, quality curing of inks, overprint varnishes, and pressure-sensitive and laminating adhesives in a very compact space.


Model FlexPak
For those wishing to convert their press to 100% arc lamp UV capability, the FlexPak, after removal of the hot-air dryer, fits easily between the press side frames without any components extending beyond the side frames.

Model Combination FlexPak
Designed to give the printer maximum flexibility, the Combination FlexPak is a UV curing module and hot-air dryer combined into a single, easy-to-install unit. The hot-air drying unit utilizes the existing heater and blower supplied by the press manufacturer.

Available for press web widths of 7, 10, 13, and 16 inches (18, 25, 33, and 41 cm).

Integrated Assembly
The Combination FlexPak is a single assembly providing either UV curing or hot-air drying. When the air dryer is utilized, the UV lamp module is protected from spray and dust by an integral shield.

Lamp Module
The compact "lamp cassette" design provides for quick access and serviceability, and cassettes are easily moved from station to station as needed. Lamp cassette housings and reflector/shutters are constructed to provide maximum reliability and cooling efficiency from CAD-designed aluminum extrusions. The reflector liners provide high UV reflectance. Both lamps and reflector liners are easily replaced.

The lamp module is totally air-cooled using an exhaust blower supplied with the system. Air flow and temperature are constantly monitored electronically.

Safety, Reliability and Support
All systems are fully interlocked and designed to insure the highest level of operator safety. With few moving parts, the computer-aided design of the FlexPak insures reliable performance and is manufactured for years of operation. Prior to leaving the factory, all components of the system are fully assembled and completely tested for optimum performance. Our experienced engineers and customer service technicians are available to help with problems or special operating situations.



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