"Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) "

Small UAV Specification

L x W x H 1220mm x 380mm x 560mm
Main Rotor Diameter 1750mm
Tail Rotor Diameter 255mm
Engine 1300W electric motor
Climb Rate 122mpm, 400 fpm (AFCS regulated)
Maximum Speed 50kph, 31mph (AFCS regulated)
Endurance 30min (depending on options, altitude, fuel load)
Maximum Payload 5kg, 10 lbs (depending on options, altitude, fuel load)
Telemetry 802.11-based, 800m, LOS range (other system available)
Safety Controller 72Mhz, 730m, LOS range

An optional three-axis motorized gimbal provides a controllable platform for a variety of sensors including video, IR, and still cameras, as well as spectrometers and other measurement devices.? Sensor data can be transmitted real-time to the user via broadband RF. Basic avionics components, included of a laptop computer, attitude and heading reference system, referred to as AHRS, GPS receiver, a heading-hold gyro, and other avionics command/control components.

Some additional options:

  • Camera platform with motion control and tracking
  • High performance GPS
  • Weather proofing canopy
  • Spinning mass gyro stabilization for camera platform
  • Day, night and thermal camera
  • Analog or digital video transmission range from 1km to 50km
  • Tracking antenna option


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