"Eclipse 700"

Eclipse 700 is a full featured security management solution. Integrated security features include; access control, video management, intrusion detection, alarm management, photo credentialing, biometrics, graphics mapping, data management and reporting. The system is architected to support multi-user and multi-site applications with a high reader count and large credential population.

Key Features Include:

- Scaleable
- Non-Proprietary Hardware
- Modular Software Design
- Microsoft .NET Framework
- VPN Not Required
- Custom Linkage Editor
- Integrated Photo ID
- Integrated Report Designer
- Network Video Recording
- Video Content Analysis

Scaleable Enterprise-Class system for up to 16,384 doors and/or 131,072 I/O Points

Acclaimed, Non-Proprietary Mercury Security Hardware Platform (Both SCP and AP Series)

4 Separate software components (Application Server, SQL Database, Gateway, and Client GUI) that work together seamlessly and efficiently to optimize system performance

The Application Server is the only thing that communicates with the SQL DB, advantages being:

- Eclipse manages DB connection, using only a single SQL Client license
- Makes the DB more robust because Clients arenˇ¦t banging the DB directly

Application Server communicates with SQL DB via Stored Procedures, which is a Microsoft SQL mechanism that gives tremendous speed and performance boosts, reduces Client/Server traffic, and provides enhanced database security controls, making for an extremely fast and responsive system that provides sub 1 second responses over the internet whereas others can only deliver 2 second response over a dedicated line.

16 Client licenses included in base Eclipse software package

Utilizes Microsoft .NET Framework which provides a much more advanced, efficient and secure operating environment. Other manufacturers are planning to move to .NET but arenˇ¦t there yet, and they will be upgrades, not natively developed in .NET.

Connection via internet without requiring a VPN or the use of a browser (browser is extremely unsecure).

Powerful access control feature set with an intuitive, user-friendly interface

Extensive use of Mercuryˇ¦s I/O linking capability and linkage macro creation, allowing customization to meet customer requirements without requiring custom software

Integrated Photo Badging, Graphic Maps and CCTV (DVR, NVR and IP Cameras) with advanced Intelligent Video features

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