R2000 Radiometer

Radiometry is an assential link for measuring the output from your curing system in order to maintain a repeatable process. The new EXFO R2000 Radiometer can be combined with the Omnicure Series 2000 Spot Curing System to provide a complete curing station with unmatched control and repeatability. Special electronics built into the EXFO R2000 Radiometer allow for connection of custom sensors for measuring light energy directly at the cure site.

Features (Benefits) :-

1) Wireless and/or Serial Communication with the OmniCure Series 2000 (Set irradiance levels and calibrate the system from a single reference point; ideal in large scale manufacturing environments)

2) Proprietary detector system fro accurate widebank measurements (Suitable for use with many different systems)

3) Memory for storing data (Download readings to a PC for accurate process documentation)

4) Ready to use with additional custom sensors such as the Cure Ring and Cure Site Radiometer (Adaptable with optical accessories providing radiometry directly at the cure site)

Cure Ring Radiometer

The Cure Ring Radiometry complements your EXFO Cure Ring to provide the most accurate form of process control for precision manufacturing. By enabling the output power from the Cure Ring to be measured directly at the cure site, the EXFO Cure Ring Radiometer ensures a repeatable process.

Features (Benefits) :-

1) Measure Light Output of the Cure Ring (Improves process control)

2) Custom Sizes Available (Adaptable to any custom assembly process)

3) Can be used to calibrate the Omnicure Series 2000 using the irradiance value at the cure site.

Cure Site Radiometer

Cure Site Radiometer provides the ultimate in process control by measuring the output power of a light guide or optical accessory directly at the cure site. The Cure Site Radiometer will show exactly the amount of irradiance at the substrate, allowing users to be able to control their curing process more accurately.

Features (Benefits) :-

1) Place under Light Guide or Optical Accessory without having to take the Light Guide out of its fixture (Easily adapted into any assembly process)

2) Displays the irradiance at the cure site rather than the tip of the Light Guide (Allow for measurements of irradiance to be taken as it is received by the actual substrates)

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