Some audiophiles would be impressed by coloration. But it is not what Sound Mechanics want in music reproduction. Sound Mechanics wants revealing reproduction that let you feel the emotion of music, feel what composers and performers want to tell you.

Sound Mechanics believes ultra linearity is the way to achieve perfect muisic reproduction.

Sound Mechanics believes perfect phasing is the way to achieve perfect music reproduction.

Sound Mechanics believes high speed and fast transient is the way to achieve perfect music reproduction.

Sound Mechanics believes wide bandwidth is the way to achieve perfect music reproduction.


Magnetic Grounding

Magnetic Grounding
is a breakthrough technology of shielding. It is designed under the theory of electromechanical physics. The construction of Magnetic Grounding? layer is basically divided into 2 parts. One is absorption layer, the other one is dissipitating layer. The absorption layer absorbs RF/EMI in the atmosphere. The dissipitating layer transforms the RF/EMI and electromagnetic field into energy which is harmless to sound reproduction.

Magnetic Grounding provides unlimited protection of RF/EMI for our audio gears, provides extra silent music background, enhance music details, harmonics & dynamics. Magnetic Grounding? also provides positive effect to video gears.

Vibration Control

Vibration Coupling

Vibration feedbacks are one of the major causes of colourations. It disturbs the signal source and could even create multiple reflections. Various techniques are required to against or minimize the feedback problems, a proper coupling would ensure smooth energy transfer.

Mechanical Grounding

Grounding is one of the most imporatnt aspects to be concerned in a system, both mechanical and electrical. But in audio field, it is not until late 90's the importance of mechanical grounding was recognized.

Law of Multi-Laminor

Selected hardwood strips are laid tightly inside each shelf under "Natural Coupling Ratio" (NCR) for Sound Mechanics HiFi racks and platforms. NCR diletes the resonance of the material itself, and hardwood strips effectively transfers resonance out of audio gear.

Cable Technology

Differential Surfacing Treatment (DST)

All conductors used in the construction of Sound Mechanics' power and signal cables have been subject to proprietary micro surfacing treatment. The treatment greatly improves the directivity and conductivity of the conductor and minimizes the adverse effects of Eddy Currect and Skin Effect.

Wave Guide Technolgy (WGT)

Magnetic field will always be generated when an electric current travels through any form of conductor structure. This magnetic field introduces interference to the musical signal thereby reduces the cable's ability to carry the fine details (micro dynamics) originally embedded in the music. Sound Mechanics' Wave Guide Technology controls and guides the interferring magnetic field and improves the cable's performance in resolution and transient reponse over a wider bandwidth, There is no noticebale increase in audible signal distortion over cable lengths up to 20 metres.

Magnetic Grounding

Sound Mechanics have now introduced the Magnetic Grounding technique in all its cable designs to eliminate environmental RF/EMI.

Harmonic Plating

All Sound Mechanics' Platinum series cable conductors are surface plated with a varying thickness (0.3 to 3 micro) of rhodium. This technique reduces surface transmission distortion, conductivity distortion, and phase shift. Harmonic Plating requires very sophisticated manufacturing process.

Uni-couple Ratio

Uni-couple Ratio is the special combination of diameters in Sound Mechanics' power cords. It provides extra smoothness and dynamic of music.


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