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AS200 System iCure AS200 Systems

- The iCure AS200 is a thermal spot curing system that uses light to generate thermal energy to cure conventional heat cure adhesives. The unit provides a versatile and cost effective solution that delivers high optical energy with a significant amount of Infra Red radiation that is readily absorbed by thermal adhesives resulting in faster and stronger cures. A sophisticated on board micro-processor monitors system performance, allows for a user friendly flexible interface and offers a range of reporting features. 200 W lamp with up to 80 W/cm2 High Infra red energy content Significant Infra Red contribution where Heat cure adhesives have the most absorption Smartsense¬ proprietary technology extending lamp life and performance Wide, state of the art touch screen Intuitive graphical user interface High Resolution output power adjustment Range of I/O and control ports

iCure P200 Power Meter

Accurate power readings are a key element to maintaining a calibrated and repeatable curing process suitable for high-quality production. The iCure P200 Power Meter is an accurate tool for measuring optical power from your thermal spot curing system. Developed to work with the iCure AS200 Thermal Spot Curing system, the portable iCure P200 Power Meter is composed of a power monitor and a power detector. It offers unmatched performance to calibrate and set optical power levels on the iCure. KEY FEATURES Calibrate multiple systems using a preset power set point on the iCure. Proprietary detector system for accurate wideband measurements Compact and portable design Measures maximum power of 15W Plug and Play with the iCure AS200 BENEFITS Ensures Repeatability of the Assembly Process Ideal in Large Scale Manufacturing Environments Modular Concept Plug & Play

P200 Power Meter IRT 200 Thermo Meter

The iCureTM IRT200 Thermo Meter is a non-contact sensor used to measure the temperature of objects based on their emitted Infrared energy. The Thermo Meter measures the heat & converts it into an electrical signal which is proportional to the surface temperature of the cure zone. Developed to work with the iCure Thermal Spot Curing system, the portable iCure Thermo Meter is composed of a power controller & sensor. It offers a fast & accurate method to monitor temperature and ensures control & repeatability of the assembly process. CLOSED-LOOP FEEDBACK The electrical signal produced by the Thermo Meter can be used by the iCure control electronics to adjust the intensity of the unit in a closed-loop feedback keeping the surface temperature of the cure area constant. This process control option allows a precise control of the light intensity guaranteeing a stable & accurate temperature of the target area. KEY FEATURES Wide temperature range -50íC to 975íC High-resolution optics Display, graphic charting & recording of temperature readings Easy system configuration & sensor calibration User-friendly & intuitive software Measurement spot down to 0.9 mm BENEFITS Laser pointers allow accurate aiming of the thermometer Ensures repeatability & control of the assembly process Ideal in large scale manufacturing Environments Fully programmable instrument for enhanced signal processing & I/O control Precise temperature control

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